By Kirk Freeman

Most brands of e cigs can be purchased from their manufacturers directly, but some are only available as wholesale purchases. Once you start looking at advanced vaping machines like VV/VW equipment, e cig retailers like MadVapes are one of the best places to look for personal purchases. Here is a MadVapes review.


MadVapes has set up a great website. It is simple to use and images are easy to see: professionally shot, without lots of shadow. Search in one of several ways.

First, there is a list including electronic cigarettes, sale items, DIY parts, etc. It is right at the top of the page.

Next to this is the “Search” bar if you know exactly what you want. Once a category is chosen, you can modify to specifications like 3.7v or 5v mods.

Then there is the option to sort by name and to change the method in which items are listed. You are the ruler of your internet universe here.


Almost every item I viewed was in stock. Some e cig companies buy too little stock and struggle to keep up with demand so that availability is sketchy.

Pricing is right on the page plus ratings, not all of them rave reviews. Brief information is posted alongside the product, but a longer description is also posted when you click on an item. It is written in good English, something you cannot take for granted since so many paragraphs are translated from Chinese by non-native speakers, making them hard to understand. You get a lot of information in a few lines of text.


MadVapes’ selection is great, and like all retailers, they carry some interesting items. It seems many independent companies sell some kind of wooden mod. The ones at MadVapes do not feature skulls to this writer’s great relief. Their design is ergonomic, shaped the way a hand is shaped. Wood feels so much nicer than metal.

The Fuse is an inexpensive safety product which connects magnetically to the bottom of your APV battery. With this device in place, your mod cannot overheat because it will only reach 5amps before shutting off. Buy a few for $3.99 each and use each fuse once or twice.