High Caliber E Liquid

By Kirk Freeman

It’s not hard to find a bottle of High Caliber e liquid. The company makes and sells it in huge quantities and it is uncommon to see a “sold out” sign above a flavor. If you do, don’t worry; there is lots more where that came from, churned out in the way of factory e juices, but made in the United States. This news is comforting, at least.

High Caliber Review: Is This a Quality Product?

High Caliber uses distilled water, artificial flavors, a 50/50 blend of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, and nicotine. Ingredients are also USP: that means something. Although these bottles move in huge numbers, there is a dedication to using only approved ingredients the whole time.

This attention to quality can only be ensured for US customers when products are made in the United States, not imported from a country where regulations have not been established. Yet, High Caliber is not featured on All the Juices where so many companies’ products are listed, so I wonder how one ends up on their radar (or fails to be spotted).

The Nicotine Question

All High Caliber juices contain at least 6 mg per milliliter with a maximum 24 mg per volume. High Caliber is one of the few e juice companies without a zero-nicotine option. I wonder why they chose this direction, but it’s a brave move. Nic-free customers are well-represented by other firms.

Flavors by High Caliber

There are more than 70 items on the wholesale list, but some companies only carry half that number of flavors or fewer. Flavors include Coffee Espresso (or Expresso), Soda, Flame Thrower, Fire Cured Virginia, and Popcorn. Try Black Cherry Pina Colada, one of their few multi-layered flavors.

Each 10-ml bottle costs $5.95 or thereabouts depending on the vendor. Vapor Associates, ECigBest Save, New Leaf Vapor, and Santa Clara Vapors are among vendors carrying the brand. Blue Raspberry could be a candy or a mixture of blueberry and raspberry, but no one seems to know, or if they do, they are not sharing their impressions.

How to Investigate Flavors

If you are interested in their prices, pedigree, and selection, the way to learn about a flavor by High Caliber is to read reviews. There are lots of them, many current, listed whether comments are positive, neutral, or scathing. Coffee Expresso, for instance, is described as authentic to a real coffee taste and conversely as bad tasting and artificial.

Many of their juices, however, receive strong ratings from customers. Sometimes they differ: Fire Cured Virginia is woody and dry or a little spicy. Certain collections agree: Flame Thrower is a red hot cinnamon vape.

Soda tastes like cola: you discover this by reading what customers tell you, and it might take a while to find the answer. You have to sift through unhelpful positives and ratings of vendors because High Caliber does not sell directly to customers.

Is There Anything Else Like High Caliber?

It looks like there are loads of e juices that are similar, if not entirely the same, to High Caliber e juice. Cola is usually mixed with black cherry or vanilla, sometimes even “alcohol,” but Soda is an unusually one-dimensional e juice from High Caliber. Flame Thrower is similar to Highbrow Vapor’s “Cinnamon” and “Fireball” by Boosted. E-Cigarette Club also makes “Cinnamon” e juice which is straight up spicy without apple, maple, pie pastry, or menthol.

The closest thing to Blue Raspberry could be a blueberry-raspberry e juice by one of several companies or Blue Raspberry by G2, or perhaps Hybrid Creations. The G2 version is a candy vape. Leave it to consumers to describe this e juice if you don’t feel like experimenting. One good thing about High Caliber, which a lot of other companies cannot match, is their prices which are excellent.


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