Avail Vapor

By Kirk Freeman

Having just read about upcoming aims by the Food and Drug Administration to regulate electronic cigarettes and e liquids, it was interesting to stumble upon Avail Vapor. Their site makes it seem like they knew this was coming all along, though genius is not required.

This body was always going to step in. If the owners were not prescient, they have simply taken every effort to be accountable to customers and transparent to regulatory bodies for ethical reasons.

They go even further than any other firm so far. I have never seen a company go to the lengths Avail Vapor is taking and it impresses me. Why not be transparent if you have nothing to hide?

availvapor.comCovering their Backs at Avail

Actually, money is the reason. Most companies can’t go as far as the owners at Avail Vapors do to protect themselves.

How many people have a registered pharmacist on their staff? They would have to hire one, which would turn a cottage industry into an expensive risk.

That said, consumers pumping vapor into their lungs should be protected as much as possible, or at least informed. In fact, forum discussions demonstrate the wariness many customers feel about e liquid companies that fail to list ingredients, ingredient ratios, or who do not go far enough to ensure their labs comply with FDA expectations.

It is a tricky balance because e cig users and reviewers are excited about the commercial options this industry has raised for people in a sagging economy, not to mention the potential health benefits to smokers. Moreover, there is so much creativity out there. One hopes these individuals will gain support so they can stay in business.

Back to Avail…

As I mentioned, Avail covers their backs by having a pharmacist on their staff. His name is Dr. Baylor Rice. He is FDA-registered, a built-in fail safe for the company. Also in their employ is Donovan Phillips, juice maker for about a decade. Aside from the fact that Baylor and Donovan are exquisite, unusual names, the whole system bowls me over with its insistence on combining science and art without missing a step or sweeping anything under the metaphorical carpet.

There would not be a real carpet in a lab by the way, at least not Avail’s state-of-the-art lab, which is pictured on the home page. It’s amazing, like something out of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, except without those tiny people and spoiled children falling into vats of liquid sugar.

Donovan is always looking for flavors that complement each other. I don’t know about the accusation that other firms fail to research their flavors as thoroughly as Avail Vapors. By their popularity, I would say mixologists at Suicide Bunny, The Standard, and Five Pawns are doing something right.

The point they try to make at Avail is that, while going to these efforts, they never overlook the source of an ingredient or choose anything substandard, which is why their juice costs $7.99 for 10mls.

Ingredients in Avail Vapors E Liquids

The ingredients for their vapor are on the site somewhere, I’m sure. What I saw during my search was a list of what their blends do not include. There are no artificial flavors or enhancers and no sweeteners.

Actually, a few companies offer additional, artificial sweeteners and some do use artificial flavor. What I wanted to know was information about the vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol they use and the ratio they select.

Some of the Flavors: an Avail Vapors Review

Here is a short list from a long menu of taste bud-tempting possibilities. Queen’s Cup resembles a cup of Earl Grey with a touch of cream and lemon. The name is apropos, but I have one issue here: you would not mix cream and lemon. It’s either/or because in real life they would curdle together. I wonder if they “curdle” in a different way on the tongue, because that is not an appetizing image.

Cereal Killer: now you’re talking. Cinnamon Toast Crunch is the forward taste with a milky background. That is comfort food 101. Persian Winter blends the body of cantaloupe with the freshness of honeydew for an intense melon treat.

I wondered if Cary Crush was a salute to the very classy Cary Grant. Actually, it is just cherry cola. In my mind it will always be associated with the late CG who might have liked cherry cola. Who knows?

Aztec blends two tobacco flavors: one bold, one sweet. With a hint of vanilla, Aztec is a smooth vape.

A Flavor of the Month shows up on the right side of the page and there is an upcoming feature to look out for: the Tasters Club. This could be your opportunity to sample vapes before they are released, maybe at a discount, with the chance to review new flavors ahead of other consumers.

A Tasters Club is like a wine club in that respect, and with their artistic philosophy, Avail’s juices should be multi-layered enough to live up to consumer scrutiny in a similar way. Find after-dinner and all-day vapes with like-minded friends from Virginia and around the United States.

Where is Avail Vapor?

Are you heading to Virginia? It is lovely there I hear, and wish I could go. But as my Google map demonstrated, it is over 2,000 miles to the closest Avail Vapor’s store. Brick and mortar shops are located in Richmond, Glen Allen, Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Blacksburg, and Fredericksburg — for now.

Avail might only be sold in Virginia and online at the moment, but the website carries the call to all would-be distributors and franchise owners. How would you like to run an e liquid business, selling just Avail Vapors?

At the very least, are you searching for juice to sell at your vape bar that is not already sold by every other vape shop — something unusual that will draw more customers through your doors? Avail would love to have you as a distributor. This business plans to grow and put its lab to full use.