By Kirk Freeman

Not every juice is listed in this eLiquid.com review. In fact, the company specializes in carrying just the highest quality products made with standards as exacting as their own.

The owners describe this as a boutique online shop. Their earlier jobs included medical manufacturing, e-commerce, and retail, so it is clear they have the chops to run a business. Do they know what they are talking about when it comes to e-liquid though?

ELiquid.comStrategy Behind the List at eLiquid.com

As I said, not everyone is on the list. Hangsen and DeKang are absent for a start. The brands included here indicate that the people who own and manage eLiquid.com know a thing or two about juice and business.

There are definitely a few really great boutique brands missing, but there is nothing wrong with the ones they list and they represent not just quality but a perception of quality. Consumers associate these names with the best e-liquid, stuff they are willing to pay more for. None of them is a cheap, mass-produced brand from Asia.

Who is on the Menu?

I will not put down every company name: there are more than twenty featured. If that sounds like a firm hedging its bets, there are plenty more brands of juice they could have selected and discarded instead.

You will find Cosmic Fog, Halcyon Vapors, and Ruckus. Select juice by United Vapors, Tasty Cloud, Alpha Vape, or Omega. Choose Uncle Junk’s, The Standard, or perhaps Vapor Train.

eLiquid.com carries four types of Flathead Fluid and 3 varieties of Clouds of Icarus. The former comes in 15ml bottles costing $13 while clients pay $12 each for 15ml bottles of Clouds of Icarus.


While looking for a thematic link between juice brands, it became clear that there isn’t one, except quality and popularity. A lot of them are made in California. Vaping Birdy, Five Pawns, and Jackson Vapor all come from there, but Atmos is from Davie, Florida. Tracking down the locations for some of them is a time consuming process since they don’t have websites of their own.

Other Products

Being committed to selling only quality items, one must imagine this policy carries over to accessories also. In this case, juice accessories are tanks, atomizers, and mods. Buy an iTaste MVP 2.0, eVic, Tesla ($99.99), or Kamry (the 101 sells for $64.99). A Kanger Aero Tank carries a $29.99 price tag. An Igo-W RDA by UD costs $19.99.

E-Cig Devotees

If you like to advertise vaping to the world, wearing appropriate apparel helps you to save your voice. Purchase hoodies and t-shirts here and quietly state your position on the e-cig debate.

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