Lazarus Vintage

By Kirk Freeman

The people behind a company called Lazarus Vintage wants you to find in their e-juice something different; a gourmet line that sets the bar very high. Their products are different from the rest, and you will pay more for them as a result. But will you be disappointed or excited by what you discover?

LazarusVintage.comGeneral Concept

Lazarus Vintage E-Liquid comes from Texas and is blended by Chef Bruce L. Notice that he is not titled as a Mixologist but as a chef, like the professional responsible for five-star dinners at an expensive restaurant.

The front man is Sir James: that’s it, no surname. He gives no reason for being dubbed “sir” except that theirs is no ordinary e-liquid website. James, Bruce, and the Lazarus team want to take vapers on a journey.

The Story of their Juice

Each of seven juices is named within a short story about a journey the vaper takes to see the Seven Wonders of the World. They are cleverly inserted into the narrative prose so as to connect one to the other intelligently.

It’s a clever marketing strategy because no one else is doing anything like this. While in some ways ridiculous, even ostentatious or arrogant, the guys at Lazarus Vintage are taking a brave risk.

Not everyone is going to buy into this formula, as though they are joining an exclusive club when they purchase Lazarus Vintage products. Many people will view the “About Us” page where Sir James sits before a glowing fire surrounded by opulence and wonder “is he for real?” It’s even a little bit creepy and seductive. Some consumers will consider the whole thing laughable. Yet, who will be laughing in the end?

Lazarus Vintage Review: Seven Flavors

The team aims to introduce seven lines of seven flavors each. The first “Seven Wonders” e-juices are Compass, Journey, Light House, Nebula, No.1, Stardust, and Trinity Reserve. By the way, the customer is No.1 in their story.

Compass is comprised of candy and botanical flavors with a cool edge and the scent of white wine. Females particularly appear to love it so far. Journey contains cognac, buttermilk, and notes of sweet cigar.

Try Light House when you are craving warm apple pie and spices. This is Sir James’s favorite. Nebula blends mint with sweet chocolate.

Your No.1 could turn out to be a pastry: sweet yet light. Stardust sprinkles a little orange and citrus into your vaping life. Lazarus Vintage calls it an “after-dinner” juice. Finally, roasted nuts and bourbon make up the Trinity Reserve.

A Special Selection

The Sir James VSOP 1776 is no $200 whiskey, and not a cognac or brandy either. This is 2014 Lazarus Vintage stuff produced in limited quantities. Each bottle is so rare it is stamped with a serial number. Only exclusive vendors will carry it, but by “exclusive” they mean about 30 of them in the United States and at least one international vendor so far. This item is produced from natural and organic ingredients that have been aged prior to bottling in glass with a wax seal.

Each bottle of juice costs $22 except the Reserve, priced $38. Every bottle is wrapped carefully inside a tiny treasure chest. Labels resemble ancient scrolls as though the bottles in their chests have been found after 200 years of submersion inside a sunken ship of the Royal Navy off the coast of the New World.

Flavor Expectations

In an interview, the trio behind Lazarus Vintage revealed that they don’t want to make simple flavors. There are enough of those around already, and they aren’t bad; just prosaic. What they want to do is bring something better onto the market. Lazarus Vintage has set up a facility to do things properly too.

So far, reviews suggest this is no gimmick; Lazarus Vintage really does produce something rare and special. Lazarus Vintage can only be contacted by email, but that’s more than can be said of most people with “Sir” before their names.

What about the Name Lazarus?

When you put “Lazarus” beside anything (book, medical classification, or movie), there is an in-built reference to the idea of someone being brought back from the dead. It’s a little early for vape companies to worry about resurrecting e-juice from the brink of commercial disaster, but this could be a personal reference.