Green Smoke

By Kirk Freeman

Green Smoke was one of the first brands to hit US soil in the e-cigarette industry back in 2008, when they literally were competing with Blu Cigs and very few other brands in the online space.  Back then, the choice was very clear – Green Smoke had a far superior product and was an easy decision by anyone looking to get into vaping.  Back then, they were the only two-piece e-cigarette, so that was a huge advantage.

Green Smoke BatteriesFast forward to today, going on 2014, and many other brands have entered the market.  Green Smoke remains a HUGE brand globally, but we’ll share what’s happened since other companies came in and started offering lower pricing and similar two piece designs.

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A Top 10 E-Cig Brand Today?

Green Smoke electronic cigarettes still easily make the top ten list, especially if you are a menthol smoker.  I don’t know what it is, but the menthol flavor offered by Green Smoke is on a whole different level of goodness. It’s a very spearmint flavor, and it stands out.  To me, when I want a menthol e-cig, I use Green Smoke.  That’s their big edge.

The top brands that have an edge on Green Smoke just have lower prices, really.  It’s not to say Green Smoke isn’t worth it, you get what you pay for.  They have amazing customer service and a long standing reputation in the industry as a leader.  In fact, they were the brand that started all the NASCAR advertising, which certainly put a spotlight on the the brand.


Green Smoke Pro Starter KitLong Time Customers Stick with Green Smoke

With all the new brands and technology coming out, it’s worth questioning if old customers stick by Green Smoke. The answer is a resounding YES.  The brand has revamped it’s cartomizers to really stay ahead and has a whole new line of designer batteries.  They area always continuing to improve the experience for users, and it’s always been and will be a top quality e-cig product.  Vapor is produced in high volumes. Flavor is rich but not overpowering. Their cartridges perform the same every time because they come with a built-in atomizer.

Service Leaders

Customer service is another top feature here. Expect star treatment, including a hassle-free lifetime warranty on batteries. The e-cigs themselves come with a one-year warranty, but there is also a 30-day money-back guarantee on products.

At least compare the lifetime warranty against other companies, many of which will only back their batteries for a year. This says a lot about how proud Green Smoke is of their products.

More Powerful Points

Trusting a company with your money, especially online, is a tough call. Seeing the BBB symbol on the Green Smoke website should give you some confidence.

The company treats its customers to regular sales, including coupons for veterans around Armistice Day. If you know you will be using a certain type and strength of nicotine regularly, subscribe for automatic cartridge deliveries and receive rebates of 15% to 25%.

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