Vapory Shop

By Kirk Freeman

Vapory Shop starts with e juice and that is their strength. You can tell when a company is focused on e juice because there are several categories, including a list of “staff picks.”

Vapory Shop Review: Mostly E Liquids

Vapory sells its own liquid and also several other brands. You will find Doc Bailey’s Elixir, LiqCube, and Highbrow as well. Highbrow’s Ry4 costs $24 for 30ml in 0, 6, 12, or 18mg. For those unfamiliar with Ry4, this is a tobacco with notes of vanilla, caramel, and cocoa, though all Ry4s are slightly different.

Pink Spot’s USA Blend is a bold cowboy-style tobacco for $11. As you might guess from the name, Frozen Tundra by eLiqCube is a type of menthol costing the same for 12mls.

Try an orange soda from Doc Bailey’s Elixir called Kactus Kooler for $13/15mls. It only comes in 0 or 6mg and is a staff pick. More mouthwatering flavors include Frosting, Pink Starburst, and Chai Tea.

Hardware at Vapery

I mentioned that Vapory is mostly about e liquid, so you know there is more, like the Vapory Starter Set for $75. I have to say this is too high a price for a starter set, even though it is for a VV eGo-C Twist with a 900mAh battery. Batteries cost $34.99 separately, and a CE5 tank is $8.99. I’d build my own kit if I shopped here since only one battery is included with the starter set plus a USB, wall plug, and carry case.


Clearomizers like the ProTank 2 and Vivi Nova (mini or regular) are priced okay. A Protank is $25. The other two are $8.99 and $10.99. There are marginally better prices out there.

High-End Drip Tips

Do not come to Vapory looking for cheap drip tips, like soft glow-in-the-dark ones or vase tips for $4. Here you just get the expensive stuff, like Pawn Tips costing $25, Kontrabida (The Villain) for $28, and MFLUX at $12.