My Freedom Smokes

By Kirk Freeman

Although this is a My Freedom Smokes review, each review on their business site is dedicated to the products My Freedom Smokes sells. As you read them, you realize the site is only as good as the goods they carry, but My Freedom Smokes has this covered. Their lineup is predictable, reliable, and affordable.

Brand Names

Think of an e-cig brand and what comes to mind? Joyetech is probably first, followed by Kanger or Smok. All three of these are sold as well as Vision, Anyvape, Lorann, Flavor Apprentice, and My Freedom Smokes Signature e-juice. You can search by brand or look through the sections to find what you want.

Examples of Stock

Cigreat DCC disposable e-cigs are sold here in lots of colors with 650mAh batteries. They cost only $4.95 each, which is staggeringly low.

The Plunger kit for cleaning tanks is available for $24.95, or purchase just a few pieces from the kit.

My Freedom Smokes sells cylinders, beakers, and flasks for DIY juice making, plus the ingredients so you can develop your own tastes.

E-Liquid: Good Pricing, Good Selection

My Freedom Smokes sells flavors like Banana Puddin’, Chocolate Butterscotch, and Soldier’s Blend. Most varieties are self-explanatory, but the last one in this list is a complex tobacco apparently honoring the American Armed Forces.

All My Freedom Smokes liquids are available for $4.99 in 10ml bottles, but also larger formats if you really like them and want to buy as much as possible to avoid shipping costs. Customers pay for shipping until they reach the $75 point, which is reasonable and typical. My Freedom Smokes flavors also contain up to 48mg of nicotine and generally receive good reviews onsite from customers, although you should explore outside of the site for unbiased opinions.

Flavor Apprentice Juices cost $4.45 for 15mls with flavors like Black Cherry, Brown Sugar, and Bavarian Cream. There are loads more too. At prices like these, My Freedom Smokes must be selling a lot of juice.

More My Freedom Smokes Details

My Freedom Smokes was created by ex-smokers who want to bring good prices to vapers around the country. Stock range is excellent here and they also offer wholesale pricing to businesses that want to buy large amounts of juice for their vapor shops. To encourage customer loyalty, My Freedom Smokes runs a rewards program.