Vape World

By Kirk Freeman

Vape World is considered one of the top re-sellers of vaporizers in North America and there are plenty of good reasons for that. Although it has taken more than a decade for vaporizers to catch the popular public imagination and leave their niche position, Vape World has established a customer base and held onto that base for some years.

VapeWorld.comWhy Do People Love Vape World?

Their customer service agents are top-notch. Vape World carries only high-quality products. Shipping is quick and even free for customers in the United States and Canada buying more than $48 worth of goods.

A number of vaporizer companies list marijuana and cater to a particular base that uses vaporizers for illegal purposes. Vape World is far more professional than that. What else can you learn from a Vape World review?

Research your Purchase

The first thing you should always do before committing to spending money on a vaporizer is your research. That means looking at what vaporizer experts have to say about the different kinds of products and how they work. Learn why some are better than others and what benefits or drawbacks you will experience by making a particular choice.

Vape World provides a lot of information about vaporizing in general, from the history of this pastime to details of materials used and why they are incorporated into vaporizing machines.

The “Learning Center” provides resources broken down into headings listed on the right sidebar. Learn which style of heating is quicker, convection or conduction, and why.

Explore the many ways vaporizers can be used if you have always stuck with aromatherapy blends and not considered oils before. Find out what materials are best for creating and maintaining even heat and clean-tasting vapor. Explore the ways of powering a vaporizer: by plugging it in, using butane, or inserting a battery.

Find out more about Vape World too. They run a price match guarantee program, so this is the perfect opportunity to look at other websites, what they carry, and what their warranties are. You will probably come back to Vape World in the end.

Vaporizers: the Big Brands

You will only find tried and tested vaporizers in the catalogue at Vape World. These include makers such as Plume and Arizer. Buy a PAX, Iolite, Extreme Q, or a Vapir Oxygen Mini at reasonable prices. The brands and models listed at Vape World have achieved their own reputations, so customers are attracted by the name because of positive experiences in the past or the ease with which they can learn more about a model.

The PAX by Plume is one of the industry’s top-selling portable vaporizers. It costs around $119, uses a conduction heating system, and comes in four colors. The box contains a charging dock and cord, five cleaning tools, five cleaning wipes, two packets of lubricant, a mouthpiece, oven lid, and screen.

The Vapir Oxygen Mini for $99.99 is another portable model for about $100. Its futuristic design is certain to wow anyone new to small vaporizers. The fan heating mechanism on a Vapir is very quiet.

A Wood Box Mod for $119 is available in three types of wood. It uses a conduction system with a rechargeable battery and is currently the smallest vaporizer available. Most portable devices cost less than $250 but can cost as much as $300.

Desktop models start at $99 and climb to $349+ at Vape World. Prices rise to more than $500 when you add cleaning kits and chargers. Examples of Desktop mods featured by Vape World are the Plenty, using a double-helix heat exchanger, and the Volcano.

Vaporizer Headings

Select your products from one of five headings: portable, table-top, On Sale, Our Favorites, and Top Rated. Alternatively, view them all. The favorites at Vape World are Da Buddha, Pax, Arizer Solo, Arizer Extreme Q, Silver Surfer, Firefly, and Volcano.

More Headings

You will find parts and accessories listed according to the model you are buying. These include whips, oven lids, glass tanks for essential oils, atomizers, replacement screens, balloons and balloon clips, mouthpieces, and chargers. All of these are prone to wearing out or getting lost.

Whereas many companies fail to carry products one uses with a vaporizer, Vape World sells therapeutic herbs like thyme, lavender, and other aromatic dried products that yield diverse results such as energizing a person, relaxing him, or helping a person sleep. Buy a grinder to ensure pieces are the right size.

Affiliate Program

Customers know a company is ready to play ball when they create an affiliate program. This is a way to encourage customers to become sales people. Clients promote Vape World; Vape World does the rest. If you are a loyal customer already and a devoted vaporizer, consider making money on the side by leading friends to your website and the link to Vape World.

Easy Website

This is one of the industry’s easiest websites to use and among the most professional. The background is basic white so all products show up clearly. No effort is made to create an artistic or atmospheric site. Web designers focused on making all images easy to see, font easy to read, and setting details apart so they are clear.

For instance, when you read the description of a product, the page is broken into several boxes, each one big enough to be read easily, but not so big that the page appears crowded. These boxes show you what comes in each package, similar products you might be interested in or parts for that model, and extra items you might wish to include with your purchase plus prices to go with them.

Consequently, you could leave the page with more in your basket than what you expected to buy, but at least there are no surprises.

Many reviews have been written about Vape World and their products, but they are not all listed under each item. Click on the link to see all of those reports which explain why a product received three, four, or five stars. Do not expect to see very low ratings, though: Vape World does not carry items of poor quality.